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Useful links to related projects and organisations

Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)

The PSSRU has branches in three UK universities, carrying out independent research aimed at improving the equity and efficiency of social and health care

Information and Communications Technology Research Initiative (ICTRI)

The ICTRI (2) is a programme of research funded and managed by the Policy Research Programme at the Department of Health.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are enabling technologies for the NHS. Areas such as computers to support decision making; imaging; hospital information systems, computerised medical records, and telemedicine have all evolved rapidly. The opportunities from ICTs are considerable.  The ICTRI (2) will provide evidence to help optimise benefits and realise the full potential of these technologies and inform future strategic planning and policy on the use of ICT in healthcare.

Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST)

FAST provides information about the latest research on assistive technology in the UK (defined by FAST as “any product or service designed to support independent living”); in particular, information about Government sponsored research published in the Annual Parliamentary Report on AssistiveTechnology Research and Development (2006).



Part of the UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN), the DeNDRoN facilitates the conduct of randomised prospective trials and other well-designed studies of the dementias and neurodegenerative diseases, including those for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


INVOLVE is a national advisory Group, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, which aims to promote and support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.

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