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The Overview Report

The Overview Report is now available.

This document, entitled "A Life More Ordinary" provides a succinct summary of the reserach programme, including key learning points and recommendations, each linked to an evidence base drawn from the detailed research.

Electronic copies

The electronic version of A Life More Ordinary is a searchable PDF file with a hyperlinked index for easy navigation.


There is a system of cross-references between the key points delineated within the Executive Summary and supporting detail within the body of the report.


An additional electronic version is also available in Microsoft Word format, which enables backwards and forwards navigation between the the key points delineated within the Executive Summary and supporting detail within the body of the report.


Finally, there is also an EasyRead version of the Executive Summary available for download.

Hard copies

A limited number of hard copies is available. For further details, contact Maggie Winchcombe.


Final Report

"A Life More Ordinary - an Overview Report" is now available.

Access the Overview Report as web pages from the links below:




Executive Summary


Purpose & Scope of the Research

Key Findings:

The Shape of the Services

The User & Carer Experience

The Cost of Care

Improving outcomes for people with LTNCs

What the research tells us

Building Services for the Future

Conclusions & checklists


Summary checklist for planners and commissioners

Summary checklist for providers and practitioners

Summary checklist for educators

Summary checklist for voluntary and third sector organisations and workforce planners

Reference Materials



Appendix One - Evidence of progress in meeting NSF Quality Requirements

Appendix 2 - Membership of the Advisory Group

Download the full report

Download the Full Report in Microsoft Word Format or as PDF File.

Download an EasyRead summary of the Executive Summary (PDF Format)


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