Complementary & Parallel Research
Information and Communications Technology Research Initiative- ICTRI (2)

ICTRI 2 Research teams

1) Supporting the self management of obesity
Lead researcher: Professor Flis Henwood, email: [email protected]
Research team: Audrey Marshall, Dr Leslie Carlin, Laura Bottomley, Dr Liz Guy
Social Informatics Research Unit, University of Brighton

2) Telemonitoring and self management in hypertension
Lead Researcher: Dr Richard McManus, email: [email protected][email protected]
Research team: Dr Jonathan Mant, Dr Emma Vince, Dr Mirren Jones.
Dept. Primary Care and General Practice, University of Birmingham

3) The role of networked technology in dementia care
Lead researcher:
 Dr John Powell, email: [email protected]
Research team: Kathleen (Lee) Gunn
Health Sciences Research Institute, University of Warwick

4) Evaluation of the costs and benefits of computerised on-scene decision support for emergency ambulance personnel
Lead Researcher:
Professor Helen Snooks; email: [email protected]
Research team: Professor Jeremy Dale (University of Warwick), Bridget Wells
Centre for Health Information Research and Evaluation, University of Swansea

5) Modelling the impact of service innovation in chronic disease management
Lead Researchers:
Professor James Barlow and Dr Benita Cox;
email: [email protected] and [email protected]
Research team: Dr Christina Petsoulas, Dr Steffen Bayer
Tanaka Business School, Imperial College, London

6) Integrating telecare systems for chronic disease management in the community: What needs to be done
Lead researcher:
Professor Carl May, email: [email protected]
Research team: Dr Tracy Finch, Prof Frances Mair (University of Glasgow), Prof Anne Rogers (University of Manchester).
Centre for Health Services Research, University of Newcastle

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