Quality requirement 11:
Caring for people with LTNCs in hospital or other health and social care settings

People with LTNCs are to have their specific neurological needs met while receiving care for other reasons in any health of social care setting.

Neurological needs met when receiving care for other reasons



Indicators of progress

In Hoppitt et al’s study (2011) just under 70% of patients across 58 in-patient visits reported that hospital staff met the specific needs of their condition either ‘quite well’ or ‘very well’. However, it is apparent that people with CMT reported their needs were met less well (over 70% reported as ‘not at all’ or ‘a little’. Although this is a very small sample of just seven hospital in-patient visits, these figures suggest hospital staff on non-neurological wards may understand this condition less than other rare ones).

Bernard et al (2010) reports that, where specialist practitioners were involved, they took on the role of educating more generalist staff.

Inhibitors of progress

Fitzpatrick et al (2010) report that about 40% felt their needs were not met when in hospital for their neurological condition.


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