This Overview Report provides a summary of the main findings from the Long-term Neurological Conditions Research Initiative (LTNC RI). The Initiative was funded by the Department of Health's Policy Research Programme (DH PRP) in 2006, following the launch of the DH National Service Framework (NSF) in 2005. The individual studies making up the Initiative were selected in open competition and assessed by external scientific referees. The Department was advised at all stages of the research process by an independent expert group, including people with experience of long-term neurological conditions and their carers (see: Appendix Two for membership of the Advisory Group).

About this report

The Executive Summary includes hyperlinks to relevant text in the main body of the report for easy reference (on-line and PDF versions only).
Chapter 2: presents the background to the research initiative and includes links to individual research reports in Table 1.

Chapter 3: presents the main findings from all the studies.

Chapter 4: discusses the implications of the findings for policy and practice.

Chapter 5: includes conclusions and key messages.

Unusual terms and acronyms used in the report are hyper-linked to the Glossary at the end of the document (on-line and PDF versions only).

Additional information, in the form of summary tables, is presented in the Appendices, beginning with an ‘at-a-glance’ table of evidence of progress from the studies in respect of the eleven NSF Quality Requirements and concluding with details of useful resources in Appendix Six.

The full report can be downloaded from


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